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IT background: Data Warehouse System Architect, Senior DBA, Data Architect, Data Conversion, Software Analysis, Development, Training and Support.

Programmatic: Twenty years RDBMS (Oracle 7,8,8i,9i,10g,11g); Ten years ETL, Data Migration; Twelve years PL/SQL; Nine years Unix shell; Eight years Data Architect

Developmental: PL/SQL, ErWin Modeling, Ab Initio, K Shell, API’s, Foxpro

Testing: OO, Client/Server, Multi-tier

Communication: Emulators, TCP/IP, Ethernet/LAN.

OS/Platform: Unix HP/Sun, Linux, AIX, Windows

Management: Demonstrated ability to administer projects.

Supervisory: Eighteen years administering five to seventy-five team members.

Miscellaneous: Expert witness (4/2000), Texas PUC for Reciprocal Data Hearings. Analysis/validation for PUC hearings in CA, TX, CO, OH. Patent development and automated manufacturing processes.


Continuing Education / Volunteer, May 2010 – Present

• Explored new technologies with integration of MySql and Oracle.

• Review and application of LAMP server in Virtual environments.

• Built test system to measure performance attributes of various star schema structures.

Systems Engineering Services, Corp, Analyst – PL/SQL Developer, November 2009 – April 2010

Requirements fulfilled:

• Design and construction of ETL processing for major international banking enterprise.

• Extensive interfacing with remote client and business requirements fulfillment.

• Rapid deployment of requirements to production with typical life cycles of 2-6 weeks.

• Design and coding of complex PL/SQL packages for data warehouse repository processes.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Finished 6 month project ahead of schedule in 4 ½ months

Continuing Education / Volunteer, November 2008 – September 2009

• Studies in the integration of PHP, CSS and MySql

• Constructed a virtual Linux machine to perform as a LAMP server. Integrated this virtual machine with NAT services to assist in learning new technologies and to complete volunteer projects.

• Volunteer work – built a complete Internet site with commerce cart for a small startup company utilizing all open source software.

• Integrated PHP, CSS, Wordpress and MySql with Open source ECommerce shopping cart functions inclusive of redesign of CSS style sheet(s) to incorporate clients choices for web site appearance and layout.

Scripps Networks, LLC, Data Warehouse Systems Architect / Senior Oracle DBA / Data Architect, November 2006 - September 2008

• Client had failed to produce an operational Data Warehouse system for 18 months.

Requirements fulfilled:

• Data Architected (Erwin) Data Warehouse atomic store and built required Oracle instances.

• Wrote PL/SQL to extract data from source systems.

• Repeated process for 7 additional ETL/Data Mart sub-systems over the next 14 months.

• Managed and trained Oracle dba staff is operation of multiple terabyte warehouse operations and maintenance.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Designed hardware system configuration for Data Warehouse, ETL processing and Data Mart sub-systems.

• Prepared and presented system design to senior staff for project approval.

• Managed project build out of new hardware and software system configuration(s).

• Trained ETL staff in proper techniques to reduce daily processing times by > 5,000%.

• In first 3 months, completed full life cycle of new working system: design, build, testing and release into production with reduced daily ETL processing from 26 hours down to 15 minutes.

• Presented architectural plan for approval to build complete warehouse over next 18 months.

• Designed and then trained personnel in Korn shell to automate external data extract system; Informatica automated processing and error sub-systems.

• Designed migration of part of the atomic warehouse to Sarbanes/Oxley compliant secured environment.

• Designed architecture for build-out of new Business Intelligent Data Mart for > 1,000 users.

BAE Systems, Senior Oracle DBA, May 2005 - August 2006

Requirements fulfilled:

• Oracle DBA to multiple Dod instances.

• Deployed large scale parallel processing using Oracle in a clustered MS environment.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Prepared Erwin data model(s) and deploy model(s) to Oracle instances.

• Provided technical support to developers and user communities.

• Multi-master replication of data to backup instances and data warehouse testing and development environments.

Level 3, Ab Initio Developer / Data Architect, April 2004 -April, 2005

Requirements fulfilled:

• Ab Initio data processing for Voice, IP, V/IP billing and traffic records.

• Ab Initio data processing for telephony/IP hardware capacity planning.

• Designed and developed ETL processes for hardware component usage records; scrub, aggregate and rollup data to data mart for management review and planning.

• Large-scale ETL parallel processing using Ab Initio and Oracle Pl/Sql.

• Korn shell development for control of Ab Initio / ETL processes across multiple servers.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Designed Erwin data model(s) and deployed model(s) to Ab Initio processes on Unix (Sun).

• Designed and developed ETL processes into Oracle data marts and compressed flat file storage.

ITT Industries - DOSCOMM, Senior Oracle DBA, March 2003 – September, 2003

Requirements fulfilled:

• Oracle DBA for Department of State (Distributed Information Network)

• Data Architect for multi-site replicated data warehouse.

• Oracle 9i system configuration for clustered O.S. (W2K).

• Oracle 9i Advanced Replication configuration for multi-mastered asynchronous replication.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Developed partitioned table and index structures (1/2 terabyte) for performance and automation of data archiving and capacity maintenance.

• Oracle 9i instance tuning and performance analysis.

ITT Industries, Senior Oracle DBA / Data Architect , March 2002 – March 2003

Requirements fulfilled:

• Oracle DBA for design, documentation, coding and implementation of DoD communication satellite control system.

• Data Architect using ErWin design tools for Oracle database (hybrid; warehouse/OLTP)

• Produced and presented PowerPoint presentation(s) on Oracle database design and security features to ITT, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and U.S. Government Representatives.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

• Designed and administered testing of Army ARSPACE NT workstation performance allocation and requirements tests for compliancy.

• Configured EMC multi-terabyte RAID as a network storage host subsystem (NAS).

• Unix Satellite simulator Administrator; HP 6000

AT&T Broadband, Senior Oracle DBA / Developer, July 2000 - September 2001

Requirements fulfilled:

• Oracle DBA for 9 production instances, (2 data-warehouses > 1 terabyte, 1 data mart ½ terabyte, 3 data-warehouses > 150gig and 3 auto-processing instances using Oracle 7.3.4, 8.0.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7).

• Responsible for critical ETL processing operation during peak periods, data structures covered customer record files for entire Eastern United States and five Western States.

• 7/24 support for databases and production operations teams.

• Performed SQL tuning for development code migration to production systems.

• Taught developers to tune PL/SQL and use trace and explain plan outputs.

• Oracle instance tuning resulted in 200%+ performance improvements.

Accomplishments in excess of Requirements:

•  Organized extensive usage of database links, partitioned data/index structures and materialized views, and all data replication.

• Data modeling of new instances with both Erwin and Designer as logical tools.

• Direct support for 500+ users through nationwide third party support desk system(s).

• Directly supported operation/development of ETL interfaces for background processes from billing systems, tandem switch feeds and Ab Initio and Informatica (inclusive of data scrubbers, i.e. Trillium).

• Developed physical models from logical models into scripts for automated recovery and migration of data from multiple sources for ETL deployment.

• Korn shell scripting for Sun UE10000 and HP9000 systems.

• Debugged and wrote error trap routines in Unix Korn Shell for automated Holos applications.

• Worked with managers to trouble shoot system failures in Oracle and Korn shell applications.

• Helped administer SUN UE/10000, HP 9000 and SPARC systems.


B.A.; Theology & History; Harding University, Searcy, AR

Graduate Studies in Theology & Psychology; ENMU

Secondary Education Certification; ASU, Tempe, AZ

Certificate in Safety; ASU, Tempe, AZ

Rational Solution Suite

MS Developers Network

Visual Foxpro Developers Conference, Phoenix, AZ

MEI Visual Foxpro Training Seminar, Denver, CO

Delphi Development Training Seminar, Phoenix, AZ

References furnished upon request.