Business Enterprise Development and Design Consultation

Providing consultation services in the following areas:

Data Warehouse Architecture / Implementation / Support:

Data Warehouse Architecture

The consolidation of the information systems that support your business enterprise is crucial to your success. The design of that infrastructure will set in motion the direction of your business and its ability to analyze future opportunity.

Data Warehouse Implementation

When the design of a data store has been visioned, the daunting task of actually building the structure so that it is functional is critical. Has the design been implemented so that ETL processes can actually load the data? After the data is loaded, can users actually effectively query the data?

Data Warehouse Support

When a business has an operational data store, the process of daily operation, tuning, archiving and phased upgrades can become a larger undertaking than the construction of the original data store. Did the business build a data warehouse when a data mart was needed? How does a business make decisions from the data?

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Business Systems Configuration:

Business Systems Analysis

A business has core assets: hardware, software, proprietary systems, employee skills, business work flows. An understanding of how to make all of these important components work together is the baseline expense and backbone of the business enterprise.

Business Systems Structure

Business growth can create an operational structure that has over time become silos of independent function. Understanding how to plan and re-structure the business assets to the greatest advantage of opportunity is a difficult undertaking. External advise is often required to obtain objectivity.

Business Systems Integration

Business assets need to be understood and examined to maximize the potential of their value. This will allow the business to integrate the assets in a effective design to simplify the overall business objective and reduce operational costs.

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Oracle Database Administration:

Oracle dba

Oracle provides the most powerful platform to build your business data upon. Whether your business is small or large, e-commerce, rapid data retrieval, controlled development and deployment are controllable and obtainable. We specialize in the setup, deployment, tuning and architecture of Oracle processes from small databases to large multi-terabyte systems.

Oracle Coding

Oracle installation, scripts, PL/SQL, Packages, Functions, Procedures and Replication. All can be specifically designed to meet your specific business needs and rules of operation.

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Computer Training:

Oracle Training

We can provide on site training for your existing Oracle staff in both daily operations or an assessment of future needs.


We can provide on site training for your existing systems and applications, including ones we did not develop.

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